Self defense is all about protecting yourself from danger and threat. It is the only way that you can really say that you love yourself and that you want to live more of it. Learning self defense can be tough and challenging most especially during the training but that’s the way it goes – in self defense it will never be easy but it will always be worth it.

Your fitness greatly affects everything you do and that may include your process on learning self defense. Along the process, you will surely execute a lot of push ups, climbs, and lifts. You can’t properly execute it you run out of breath immediately. If you really wanted to be able to protect or defend yourself from unexpected aggressors, one factor you must consider is your fitness and health. You need to be strong both physically and mentally, in order to be able to endure the hardships and overcome your enemy.

Fitness is very important. It’s because in reality, it’s not just the bad guys that you need to fight, but also the diseases that you may get if you continue living an unhealthy life. To be effective in self defense be able to apply your self defense skills, you need to include fitness in your training.

Being fit gives you the following advantages:

• Being ready to meet challenges

In order to succeed, confidence is one great key. If you don’t have it, you will probably fail.

Regular fitness training can help improve your confidence, especially when you see your progress. Confidence can strengthen your ability to perform techniques with more power. Fitness trainings also helps you get used to pushing yourself to work even harder and develop self discipline. You will also learn to persevere. If you continually push yourself, you will get used to accept challenges that come your way as if quitting and saying no is never in your vocabulary.

• Reduce your chances of injury.

Every workout you do, it strengthens your muscles, joints, and connective tissue. Your bone becomes denser and becomes more resistant to injury. Fitness training also makes you more flexible and agile. Not only that fitness training helps you reduce injury but it also improves recovery from an injury. Fit people are less likely to suffer from complications resulting from an injury.

• Capability to perform or execute your skills.

Your ability to perform self defense is dependent on your fitness. Techniques are based on your physical skills. When you’re in a fight, technique alone is never enough. Speed and power is required to defeat an attacker. A great source of stamina that you will need is acquired through fitness trainings. It also helps you gain strength – the power you need to hit hard and take down the opponent quickly as possible. Strength only comes with training.

Remember that every time you workout, it’s not just your body that becomes stronger but as well as your mind.

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