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We honor humanity, and realize, not everyone else does. #prepared

How to select the right tactical weapon for you

Constant vigilance is very important nowadays. Credible threats are just around. That’s why the quests for survival equipments are in demand. There are actually a wide range of weapons you can choose from. We basically choose from guns and knives, but sometimes there...
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The Importance of Fitness in Self Defense

Self defense is all about protecting yourself from danger and threat. It is the only way that you can really say that you love yourself and that you want to live more of it. Learning self defense can be tough and challenging most especially during the training but...
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Self Defense; Aid for Healthy Living

How sure you are about your safety? As you try to examine the society where you belong, what can you notice? There is always news about danger. You will come up with the thoughts that the world today is a safe world to consider. It is a must to be knowledgeable enough...
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The Basics in Self defense: What you need to know

Threat and danger is always unexpected wherever we are. It can be just a meter away from us – it can happen while we are walking on the street alone, or we are in our car, or riding a public transport vehicle, or even in our own home – threat and danger can always be...
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